The Reason for Bitcoin Crash

We all knew a time when 1 BitCoin was worth more than $13,000 then it suddenly just crashed and now worth just $6,000.

People never seem to know and understand the reason behind these drop and I will explain that to you.

There was a total amount of BitCoin generated from the start by the developers at first and since its becoming valuable there was need to generate more of it. You all didn’t get that right? Let me explain better.

So imagine from the beginning the developers of bit coin generated 10,000,000 BitCoin at first. Now these 10,000,000 BitCoin circulated to individuals, so when the 10,000,000 BitCoin was already owned by individuals all over the world it started increasing in value.
Now the developers saw that their crypto currency has gotten more value but less individuals owned it, there was need to generate more of it for more individuals to own.
And what better way is there to generate more of BitCoin?

1 BitCoin = $13,000.
10,000,000 BitCoin = $130,000,000,000.
So there is $130,000,000,000 in the internet.
Then the idea came to the developers!!
Let’s crash the price of BitCoin, use the remaining amount to generate more BitCoin.
That is:
Since BitCoin has built $130,000,000,000 in the internet, cut the price and generate more.
I mean
1 BitCoin = $13,000 then Now
1 BitCoin = $6,000
So from 1 BitCoin, 2.2 BitCoin can be generated.
Now the question is where is the newly generated BitCoin?

It’s are everywhere in the internet!!!
Its in every website you enter.
Its in every social media platform.
Its anywhere in the world!!
Its in North America.
Its in South America.
Its in Africa.
Its in Asia.
Its in Europe.
Its scattered everywhere!!!
All you need to do is start Mining it.
Now how do you start Mining these crypto currency?
There are lots of BitCoin Mining software I will recommend Web’Miner.
Its a software developed by an organization in China “Soft Tech Geeks”. Have been using it a lot, I Mine anytime I want and have been making a lot from it.

Some will say, why is he sharing it now?
Some will say, if that’s how easy it is why not Mine alone? So you can get it all for yourself.

Well the developers are smart, they put a mining limit to it. The idea was not for a single person to have it, or for a particular group of people.

The idea was for everyone, everywhere in the world to posses these crypto currency.

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How To Improve Your Small Business?

There are more than 28.8 million businesses found all throughout America. Many of these small businesses fight to stay open for business for more than 5 years, before being force to close down. The competition among small businesses in America have significantly increased, due to the advancement in technology and services provided to consumers. Businesses are getting better at the services they provide by the technological enhancements they are able adopt. It is critical that Businesses do everything they can to stay in competition with other small business, since they are all providing the same goods and services. Many times, businesses fail because they lack the revenue and profits needed to run a successful business. If you are running a small business, it is critical that you do everything you can to make sure that you are utilizing multiple resources to keep your Business open for business for the long term.

Many small businesses lack the appropriate marketing to feeding their business. The less marketing that is done for businesses, the less likely they are to gain sufficient revenue and profits for their small businesses. Marketing is one of the main foundations to running a small business. The better your marketing is, the likely you are to succeed. As years pass, society continues to change and advance in technology. There are a significant number of people utilizing the internet to make a decision of whether or not they are going to pursue a business for their goods and services. Most people usually turn to reviews to find out more information about a company. The more positive your reviews are, the likely you are to gain more business for your company. It is critical that you do everything you can to make sure that your company maintains an excellent reputation by gathering as much positive reviews as you can. Always try to keep in mind that it has become the norm for consumer to research a company’s reputation and reviews before they will make a move. Obviously, the more negative review a company has or the little reviews a company has, the less likely a consumer will gain interest in pursuing services.

One of the fastest ways you can get more positive reviews is by utilizing third party company, like Google reviews. Google reviews offers business owners the opportunity to be able to generate positive reviews about their company, as well as they can be able to manage their reviews to make sure that they can block out any negative reviews that could possibly hurt their image and or reputation. Many small business owners who have participated in Google reviews have found a significant increase in revenue. More consumers are starting to look at Google reviews before doing any type of business with them. You can start increasing your company’s business by conducting an online search, by searching for: buy Google business reviews. Once you conduct your online search for: buy Google business reviews, you should be able to find more information on how you can get started.

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